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This website uses cookies. Some cookies are essential to allow the website to function. Other cookies are for measuring website use. Further information regarding the use of cookies is set out below. By continuing to use this website, you are consenting to the collection of the Cookies.


The following cookies are used on this website:


1. APS.NET Session Cookie
In browsing the website, the user creates a unique session ID to track information stored during the session. This cookie is essential for the storing of such information and, therefore, the functionality of website.  The cookie expires at the end of each session.


2. _utma Google Analytics Cookie
These cookies store information relating to each user’s visits to the website, including the number of visits and the times of the first, previous and current visits. These cookies expire two years after they are set up or last updated.


3. _utmb & _utmc Google Analytics Cookie
These cookies are used to measure the time spent browsing the website. As such, these are updated regularly. The cookies expire 30 minutes from the time it was set up or last updated.


4. _utmz Google Analytics Cookie
This cookie stores the website from which the user has navigated and expires six months from the date it was set up or last updated.


5. Guest_id Twitter Cookie
This cookie is used to identify the visitor to Twitter. If the visitor does not have a Twitter account or has never accessed the website directly then Twitter will assign you a unique code to track your visit to the Twitter feed. Twitter has the ability to track surfing habits (on Tweet button enabled websites) of users that have no Twitter account and have never visited a Twitter website before. When using the same browser to create an account at Twitter afterward this collected data of the past can theoretically be linked to the freshly created profile. The Cookie expires two years from the date it was set up.


6. Psow#lang Language selection Cookie
This cookie stores language preferences and is required to make the site available in multiple languages. The cookie expires at the end of the visit.


7. Page_size  text selection Cookie
This cookies stores the text size selection made by the user and is required to make the site available in different size texts. The cookie expires after one day.


Removing cookies
Cookies can be removed from your computer. You can also change your browser settings to prevent them from being placed on your computer in future. For more information about this, please visit Please note, choosing to remove the cookies may affect your experience of the site.


If you have any queries regarding the use of cookies on this website, you can contact us here.